Monday, April 14, 2014

Enjoying Spring!

Spring has really began to stick around, making life a lot more enjoyable!  We actually went to church yesterday without coats, and we mowed the grass for the first time yesterday as well.  We have grilled twice and plan to do so again this week.

Another entertaining thing has been to take our Giles out on a leash for a "walk".  He does the leading, so it it not like walking a dog, but it is amusing to watch him explore.  He likes to walk around the perimeter of the house.  He has a favorite mulch spot that he likes to roll around in.  He's quite the cat.

Best of all, tomorrow is the last day of tax season!  No more 65 hour work weeks until next year.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Making Plans

It's that time again!  It's time to make plans for next year's schoolwork.  

I am working on putting finishing touches on Grace's 9th grade curriculum choices. Many of you know my dear Grace, her strengths and challenges. I am thinking of using Abeka for Health and grammar, as she is used to using their program. For math, we will continue in MUS Algebra 1. History and Literature/Writing will be covered with Songlight. She will most likely take an art class at the local high school, which is open to homeschoolers taking classes. I am still trying to find a program for her foreign language choice, American Sign Language! I was thinking we would continue French.  Oh, and for science, Apologia biology. I think that is it. 

For Trevor, my soon to be 7th grader, I will be using  Abeka for grammar, Sonlight for history, literature, and writing.  For math he will be ready for MUS geometry!  Yes, I said geometry.  He is sailing through algebra this year.  He will be doing science with Grace, too.  

Now that leaves Ryan, my 11th grader.  He has requested to enroll at the local high school.  It is something he has given a lot of thought to , and I won't go into all the details here.  He wants to be in their jazz band. He has met with the band director, and was given sheet music to practice.  Ryan will have to prove himself with the school.  He has to test out of all his 9th and 10th grade classes.  So, it is really now up to him to do the work.  

This coming school year is going to be quite different, but as usual, change is something you just have to learn to deal with around here!  

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Big Birthday

Someone had a BIG birthday!!!

He pretty much had 3 days of celebrating.  The day of his birthday, we took him to get his fancy running shoes and had a lunch party with Nana before going to church.  The next day, I took him to pick out his gift from birthday money received, another guitar!

And I took him to McDonald's, his favorite fast food place (I know, I know.) before an evening at karate.  Then on the following Sunday, postponed due to snow, we had another lunch celebration after church.

Every mother says this, but truly, where has the time gone???

Monday, March 10, 2014

A Runner is Born

For Ryan's recent 16th birthday, he wanted some running shoes.  I was happy to oblige him, as I think practical gifts are wonderful, especially since he planned to use birthday money from generous grandparents to buy another guitar.  Finally the weather cooperated as well.  Last Friday, two days after his birthday, I took him to a local park that has a mile loop track.  I walked and he ran, passing me twice.  Ha, ha. Anyway, it signaled to me the end of my hibernation, and the beginning of his running career.  Today we walked to a small park five minutes from our house, shot some hoops, and then came back home.  I am loving this spring like weather, although, they say it is going to snow Wednesday and be cold for a few days. That's OK.  We will make the most of the warm days and wait until they become the norm!

Happy spring to you all.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Here we go, again!

It appears as if we are in line for one more storm this winter.  At this point, it is just part of the routine.  Right now I am rooting for a big storm, because this could be the year we beat the all time record for snow.  Why not be excited?  I am ready.  This morning we stocked up.  My husband is going to bring home work so that he can be safely at home Saturday through Monday if needed.  Thankfully we don't have to go out in the messy weather.  We can even join our church live via the Internet. School will go on as planned, too.

AND... Never fear, spring will be here, winter can't go on for much longer!

Photo from Porch Sitting Union of America

Friday, February 21, 2014

I Have a Cold

Unfortunately, I have caught a cold.  I hate being sick!  This one is mainly in my sinuses.  Thankfully, I cannot remember the last time I was sick, and I really have not been down and out sick, either.  I credit this to the ingredients in the above photo.  Twice a day, I have choked down the following.

In 6-8 ounces of warm water add:

  • 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
  • the juice of one small lemon  
I have also consumed great quantities of homemade chicken stock, so yummy.  I have continued to exercise at half the effort.  I have cut out the sugar, which amazingly enough, I have not been craving as usual.  All I crave right now is sleep!  

I am really praying that no one else gets this, but yesterday, Ryan said he thought he was getting sick, too, but so far it is very mild.  He will not take my concoctions.  He will drink EmergenC, so that is making me a little happy.  

Oh well, this too shall pass, right?  If only the world would stop until I am well.  :)  


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