Friday, August 28, 2015

A "Snow" Day in August

Hello weekend!  Today we were blessed with a cyber snow day.  The kids' online school's server was down!! Unprecedented!! It affected quite a few schools across the country, in fact.  And you know what, it was just what we needed, this little breather day.

This ends the 3rd week of our online learning.  Overall, I am very happy with our decision.  There are compromises we made, like with any decision, however, they are minor compared to what we are getting in return.  The best part of online school is the teachers.  They are amazingly helpful and available.  My struggling student is getting one on one Algebra help.  The curriculum, while secular, is rigorous. I have never seen my kids work harder. They would never work that hard for me, ever.  Yet, I also love having them still at home where I can be a big part of their day.  They enjoy participating in online teaching sessions. They are super motivated by grades.  I can see they will have opportunities to grow as learners in this environment.

So today when the server was down, it was not hard to find meaningful ways to fill our time.  I saw glimpses of their homeschool background emerge. They turned on classical music, got out paints, and enjoyed some art time. They got out their independent reading books, and read.  They worked on their essays that will be due in a week.  They rode their bikes for PE.  And they watched Star Trek while making salad for dinner. All in all a great day!

I still feel a bit awkward about our decision to enroll them in an online school.  I am glad it is working out as I had hoped.  I know many people in the homeschool world would think I sold out.  I try not to worry about "them", whoever "they" are. Truth is, when it became evident that my kids needed something different, I put aside my desires, and found something that worked better for them.  All three of my kids are unique and have needed different things as they matured.  Having Ryan flourish in public high school was not my dream, but it is about him and what he needs.  And this online school is giving us a chance to keep on learning at home, just in a different format with a lot more help.  I have to get over my fear of man. The Lord is who I must please.  :)

Friday, August 21, 2015

Marching Band

Tonight is the night!  The band has been working so hard for this moment, the first football game of the season.  They have brand new uniforms and a brand new football field.  My darling husband is going to be working the concession stand.  I am going to be taking photos, using a better camera, I promise.  (These are horrible, I know.)

As I was watching them at rehearsal last night, my emotions welled up within me.  Here was my boy, on a field with 199 other kids, working like slaves for their beloved director.  How impressive they are!  It overwhelms me to think how blessed we are to have this opportunity.  He is living out his purpose, and is where he is supposed to be.  I feel it in my bones!  Thanks be to God.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Time for School

Trevor's art project. 

Soooooooooo.  School, the beast, is back in town.  It is all consuming, challenging, and demanding, but oh so good for us to be stretched.  I won't even talk about marching band.  That is another beast for another post.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Indiana State Fair Time

Grandpa took us to the fair.  Sadly, Jeff and Ryan had work and school.  It was a glorious day.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Fun Week

This is our last week of summer, and Ryan's first full week of school with all the marching band rehearsals on top.  So far, so good.  We are making the most of our last few days, and Ryan is really happy with his teachers and schedule.

We got to go on a really nice bike ride on Saturday.  We packed up our bikes and met my parents at the same trail system as last week, except this time we went a different route, 17 miles.  The trails are so beautifully done.  We are going on another ride this coming Saturday, but in a different town.

We went to a lovely 40th birthday pool party on Sunday.  It felt so good to get in a pool on such a warm day.  Plus, it was nice to be with friends.

Monday, we did a little tidy of the house, and in the evening, Ryan had band rehearsal.  We managed to grill out, though.  We don't do that much during the week.  It was nice to be outside.

Tuesday, Jeff had a band booster meeting, and I went to a parent-to-parent meeting for our new school. Divide and conquer! Ryan had band rehearsal.

We are having friends over for dinner tonight.  It gets harder to do such things during the school year.  I am roasting chickens, sweet potatoes, and cauliflower.  We have fresh peaches from an orchard for dessert.

Tomorrow Grace and I are going to visit a new baby in the neighborhood.  I am trying to reach out more to my neighbors.  It is hard when every one seems to stay inside to themselves.  Ryan also has an evening band rehearsal.

Friday we get to go the state fair, a last blast of summer.  The weather is supposed to be below 80, too.  It will be a great day to be out walking.  I will try to take lots of pictures.

Our fall schedule is different than I imagined.  We are not leading  AWANA this year.  We are not leading a small group.  We are in a period of waiting for our next assignment from God, I suppose.  A change will be welcome.

I hope you are having a great week, too.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Just Like That

Summer is over!  Ryan went back to the local high school yesterday.  He was eager to get back to band. The first 3 hours of his day are in band.  The rest of his day is AP Literature, Honors Pre Calculus, US History, and Anatomy/Physiology.  He will be very busy with 3 evening band rehearsals, football games, and band competitions.  Here we go!

Grace, Trevor and I still have until August 10th before we launch our new adventure of online school.  I have been attending online training for the computer system that I must learn.  I feel well supported and ready.  We are working on getting our desks ready.  I purged a bunch of things.  Yay!

We have also continued to ride our bikes at least 25 miles a week.  The humidity has made riding a challenge, but we are not allowing it to stop us.  Last Saturday we rode over 12 miles on a trail in a town half an hour away with my parents.  I hope we can go back soon.

The garden is growing.  We cannot eat all the cherry tomatoes, so Jeff took some in to the office today.  I like that kind of problem.  I am hoping the big tomatoes will ripen soon, but not all at once.  The cucumbers have slowed way down.  I enjoyed making refrigerator pickles.

We went with Mom on an adventure to find our great grandparent's graves.  It had been awhile since we had been there, most likely when Grandpa died in the late 80's!  It is kind of far away, and we just don't get out there.  They are  in Heaven, anyway.  But it is nice to see that the graves are looked after.

Hope your summer is going well!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sweet Sixteen

This past Sunday and Tuesday we celebrated our Grace's sixteenth birthday.  Sunday was her family party. Tuesday was her actual birthday.  We seem to have gotten away from the friends party, probably because her friends live an hour north.  We did try to arrange a friends outing up north, but it did not work out. We are still working on making new friends here.  :)

Sunday's party was grand!  Her grandmother made her this beautiful angel food cake from scratch.  It was amazingly well decorated.  We had such a feast, too, and lots of presents.

Tuesday, we met Daddy for lunch at Chick fil A near his office.  We also made a library stop, and she spent a big gift card at a craft store.  She picked out marinated lemon pepper chicken, watermelon, salad, and cupcakes for her birthday dinner.  We rented Monster's University, and took a 5 mile bike ride, such a lovely day!

I am so proud of the young lady she is becoming. The Lord has big plans for this sweet girl.  


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