Saturday, April 11, 2015

Things Always Work Out

Here we are, at the last Saturday work day before tax season is over! I am pretty excited to soon have our family time back.  Looking back, it doesn't seem so bad, but in the thick of things, it was so hard.  Next week, we  may even get a couple extra days off, maybe.  Actually, he will probably just work from home a couple days, and not as many hours, because he is a manager now, and they are never totally off.   That is almost like time off.  

As for the questions of what to do this coming school year, those are sorting themselves out.  My oldest went back to school after spring break, and had a chat with his band leader.  It seems that if Ryan wants to, he can be in 6 bands next year.  Of course he wants to, so he went to see his guidance counselor and they set him up to take concert band (which includes marching and pep bands), beginning jazz for saxophone, advanced jazz band for guitar, and a combo jazz band.  That young man is going to spend a lot of time in the band room!  He is also going to take physics, AP literature, combined calculus/trig honors,and US history. I think it was a good decision.  I could not make it for him, and I would have supported him coming back home or going to community college.  I am thankful that we found such a good music program at our small local high school.  It's just a small town high school.  Who would have thought?  

My youngest is also going off to school, 8th grade, at the public school.  He wants to go, and we can't think of any reasons to keep him home, if he really wants to go.  We are calling it his "rumspringa" after the Amish children who get to go off and taste what the world has to offer before joining the church.  He will see that public school is not all that it seems to be or maybe it will be a good fit.

My daughter will be home, and we will be working on making 10th grade a great year.  One of my hopes is to find a place nearby to volunteer together.  I am thinking about our options, like an animal shelter or nursing home.  I can't believe that she will be 16 this summer!  I have a lot of planning to do on her behalf.  I also need to locate all the books that we already have from when my oldest was home educated.  

My world is going to be so different next school year.  I know there are some who might not agree with our decisions, especially in my homeschool friend pool.  I think it is best to look at each individual child and decide what best fits their unique needs when making school decisions.  I also do not think public schools are all that great, unless you can use them to your advantage, like band. I cannot provide band at home.  In addition, as much as I try, I cannot keep them home forever.  I have to let them test their wings, especially my young men.  They are going to be in the world supporting their families one day. My daughter, well, she doesn't need that exposure, so I am glad she wants to be home sweet home.  Above all, I am grateful to the Lord's leading us.  I truly feel this is His will.  

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Almost Easter, Time to Plan for Next Year?

In just a few days it will be Easter.  This is just another reminder how fast the year is going.  But this post is not to lament that fact. It's a bit of an eclectic brain dump that I am in need of here.  So many things to consider as we try to make plans for our next school year.

First of all, number one son is in the home stretch of his first year in a public school.  He is thinking hard about finishing at home next year.  The only thing keeping him from that decision is jazz band.  He has grown as a musician this year through his involvement in the public school band program.  He was even inspired to get a saxophone for his birthday, and is moving right along in that endeavor.  He is also working on his piano skills, because as he tells it, the piano is where music is written.  He takes his SAT next month.  That will probably help him to make the decision.  He is so bored by the public school's inefficiencies.  Dual college credit is a possibility if he leaves public school next year.

Secondly, my youngest has expressed a desire to go to the middle school next year, just to "see what it is like."  Well, we can guess what it is like from our high school experience, but he can't seem to get it out of his mind.  What I would love is to find an affordable class or two for him to take somewhere.  There are homeshcool classes around, but they are expensive.  I am praying for guidance.

Third, our current homeschool year is quickly winding down.  We only need 40 more days.  I have loved our studies this year, Sonlight 20th Century World History.  It's time to think about next year. I am not sure who will be home next year, so it is hard to plan for certain.  It is impossible, when I think about all the combinations!  So, I am just in a waiting mode.  I am waiting on the Lord to show me where to go next.  I could have 3 scholars or 1 or 2!  See my problem?  It will all get straightened out sooner or later. We are also waiting on the high school to see what classes my oldest could take if he stays.  He is not going to stay if they will not let him take advanced courses.

As for the one scholar who will certainly be home, well, she is the challenging one who loves to read, create, serve others, and hates all things math and science.  That doesn't add up to a Core 40 high school diploma, so we may have issues next year with biology, geometry, and a foreign language to tackle.  She wants to be a mom.  I want her to be a mom.  But is that God's plan?  We don't know.  We need her to be prepared for other possibilities.  It is hard when they get to be 10th grade and graduation is looming nearer.

Slow down time, cries my heart!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Looking Forward to Spring

Little Dorothy is looking forward to spring. 

Today is the last day of winter!!  Here in Indiana that means 50's by day, and 30's by night.  It also means no more snow and ice.  And, some times we get a day or two of 60's or 70's.  We do get a lot of rain, but that brings flowers and green grass.

Another great thing about spring is the end of tax season in a month.  My husband is hanging in there.  He is such a hard worker.  I admire this ability to continue on day after day.  I am also thankful for his good job. And we know this season will end, making our lives a lot nicer.

This week my homeschoolers and I have been on a spring break.  My public school child is off next week for two weeks.  Grace and Trevor enjoyed three days with their Nana.  I enjoyed a quiet house!  I cleaned our carpets, too.  And I got the garage refrigerator cleaned out.  I am not sure what else I will do.  I'd love to clean the windows, but am not ready to remove the plastic.

So that is what is going on around here.  I hope you are enjoying the start of spring, too!

Monday, March 9, 2015

This and That

It's the Monday after daylight savings time!  Mondays are hard enough.  Tax season is hard. Trying to get over this cold has been hard. Add to an already full calendar,  and you get a bad case of spring break fever. Thankfully we are home scholars and can switch up our schedule to suit our needs. But, we need to hang in there one more week. Then I'm sending my students to grandma's house for a few days! While they are away, I will start spring cleaning.  They can help finish when they get back.  Time to evict the dust bunnies. 

I can't wait for the weather to warm up so that we can get outside and get the yard back in shape!

Friday, March 6, 2015

He's 17!






Monday, February 23, 2015

Life These Days

Grace's latest.
Just when it seems life is hard enough, record cold sets in, snows come, and now sickness.  I have had a bad cold for the last several days.  It could be so much worse. I just need some time to rest.  Coughs are difficult to get rid of, are they not?  I had been having such good fortune with my health.  I cannot remember the last time I even had a sniffle.  My time was up!

On Valentine's day, our oldest had another jazz concert performance.  This one was in a town an hour north. He had a great last moment solo.  Really, how does he stand up and improvise such beautiful music?  I am amazed.  He had a wonderful day with the band.

He always looks confused.
Otherwise life is rolling along.  Spring will be here soon.  This winter's battles will be over.  Life will be green again!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Throw Back Thursday

Just five short years ago...


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